How do I duplicate a task?

To duplicate a task, click on the ellipses on the task and select Duplicate. See Ellipses in the Working with Tasks article.


How do I add tags to tasks?

To add tags that will appear on the initial view of the task card, click the more ellipsis on the task card, to open the details screen, then select tags from the drop down.


What is PromoStandards?

YouTube video: What is Promo Standards? - YouTube


What are PromoStandards credentials?

PromoStandards credentials are used to pull product data and pricing, and to submit purchase orders. Each distributor has a unique set of PromoStandards credentials that the system uses to request and exchange data with the supplier. Credentials consist of a username and password.


What is the difference between PromoStandard credentials and supplier website log in?

PromoStandards credentials are used for API endpoints and are used by the Orders system to communicate with the supplier. Supplier website login allows the distributor to log in to the supplier's website. The two are separate and website credentials will not work in Orders when attempting to connect to the supplier through the settings area.


How do I get PromoStandards credentials from a supplier?

Reach out to your success team to let them know who you would like to add. Your success team will work with them to get everything connected.


What steps so I need to take after receiving PromoStandards credentials?

When you receive credentials, enter your business account number, user name and password in the supplier credentials area of the settings page. 



Add supplier account: Click here to add your PromoStandards supplier account(s).

2 Actions: Click the actions icon to Edit or Delete supplier credentials.


How do I select product from one supplier and decoration from another? (third party decorator; "kitting" provider)

To add a third-party provider to complete decoration or "kitting", follow the instructions for Manually adding a product with the following exceptions:

  • Under Supplier information, enter the name of the third-party fulfillment center.
  • List the products you are sending to the third-party provider in the Product information field -- make sure to include the colors, sizes and quantity so the fulfillment center can see it on the P.O. and know what to expect.
  • Complete the Decoration field.
  • Under Pricing, leave the Quantity, Net cost, Retail cost, and Margin fields blank if these costs are already reflected for the original supplier. 
  • Click Add custom charge to add pricing for set-up, runs, etc.



Can I download or print articles from the knowledge base?

Any of the articles in the knowledge base can be printed using common methods (i.e. right click and select print)


How do I change a contact owner?

From the contact's main page, click edit, then select a new owner from the dropdown menu.


Why is my contact list empty?

Check to make sure you are logged in. The system times out after a period of inactivity, and when you are logged out, your contacts do not appear.


Can I add another supplier / vendor to the list?

Suppliers listed in the drop-down have negotiated prices and terms with Commercio Orders. If you would like to add product(s) from an outside supplier to your quote, follow the instructions for Manually adding a product.


Does this program integrate with QuickBooks?

Not now, but we are open to feedback.


What if a supplier I use a lot is not on the list?

You can manually add a supplier and a Product if you need to - but you will need to email the PO to them separately.


Would I need to use this program and QuickBooks side to side?



How are you going to get preferred (connected) suppliers?

The suppliers that are currently available are early adopters, but we are growing that list. We are open to feedback on what your supplier mix is.


Where would I get the shipping quotes from? (In regard to freight charges)

Go to the supplier page -- they have tools for estimating shipping costs.


What if I get better EQP (End Quantity Pricing) than FacilisGroup?

If you have your own better EQP pricing, it will pull into Orders because your credentials are part of the system. Your pricing will not show up on the product page, but it will be reflected on the quote.


I am getting a product embroidered -- where do I put the stitch count in the decoration information?

Add the stitch count in the Imprint color section.





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