Account Setup and Quick Start

Account Setup

When you first log in to Commercio Orders, you are presented with five set-up tasks. Click Add on each of the tasks separately to open a new window where you can complete the task.  

Completing these set-up tasks will enable you to jump right into using Orders. Keep in mind that you can visit the Settings page at any time to change your selections.

  • Supplier credentials: Add your supplier credentials to build, submit, and track purchase orders through selecting products in our catalog.
  • Sales tax: Add your tax information to be able to estimate taxes for clients for more accurate quotes.
  • Industry membership: Add your industry membership to speed up account creation and credentialing with preferred suppliers.
  • User management: Invite your team members to join your workspace by adding them to your user list.
  • Knowledge base: Visit the Knowledge base to understand the ins and outs of Orders.

The first time you log in, you are presented with five account set-up tasks to help you personalize and connect your Orders account. 

Quick Start applies after the set-up process is complete. 

Click on step 1 below to jump right into the Quick Start process.

A note with the Quick Start icon Quick appears at the top of each article included in the Quick Start process to let you know where you are in the process.

The quick start process flow is:

  1. Add a contact (client). This is the first step as all projects must be associated with an existing contact.

  2. Create a project to manage quotes and purchase orders for clients and suppliers in one place.

  3. Create a quote by configuring products.  (Adding product decoration, calculating sales tax and getting a link to share with your client are all part of the process of creating a quote.)

  4. Create a Task to remind you to follow up with the client about the quote. (You can create tasks at any point in the process to keep you on track.)
    Green info 2 icon - Free green info iconsNote that while the Quick Start process will take you through all of the necessary steps, you may want to wait to complete Step 5. Create a purchase order until after you have received a go-ahead from your client.

  5. Create a purchase order is the final step in the quick start process. When you create the purchase order, you can verify inventory, add products to the order, and select your shipping method.

Green info 2 icon - Free green info icons If you are stuck and you cannot find answers in the Knowledge Base, use the chat widget () in the lower right corner of the screen to reach out to Customer Support.



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